We welcome you to the TopCash.Club - Here is more info.

Can I earn for free?
Yes, you do not have to pay to earn commissions from referrals or to surf and earn from this.

When do we get paid?
All members get paid once a month - around the 16th of the month. There are several available methods used here and the min is fifteen dollars. To put in your request, you will see the form on your stats page when you hit it. YOU MUST HAVE MADE A REFERRED SALE BEFORE GETTING PAID. YOU CAN TRADE YOU EARNINGS INTO CREDITS ALSO.

Can I surf more than 75 sites a day?
No, 75 a day is the limit (it only takes 10 minutes to do). This is to bring in more members logging in and surfing since it is so limited. Less available = it will be more in demand.

How many sites show for 1 minute?
Three sites are shown at the same time for 1 minute. It takes multiple views for someone to act so member can surf multiple times onto your site. This could be 100's OR MORE surfing onto your site. Instead of one person viewing it for 10 seconds, everyone will view it. It will remain in rotation for 1 minute.

Who owns this site?
Maryanne Myers, I am the programmer, designer, admin, customer service and owner of this site. I have a verifiable 17 years owning websites (since 1998). This is also a script that is 100% custom and not sold anywhere.

How do I delete my account?
Scroll down the page under the member menu and under the Profile form - there is a link there that is: Remove Account?

How do I contact the owner, Maryanne Myers?
The support center is right here and I will personally answer you

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